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S3412 Yao Yao(瑶瑶)1
S3412 Yao Yao(瑶瑶)

Name 姓名 : S3412 Yao Yao(瑶瑶)

Age 年龄 : 23 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34B

Weight 体重 : 41

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Central Area 中部地区



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2022-09-21 19:00ahmaoahgou Says:
She is finally back, used to remember her from her massage parlour days. I will never attempt other girls from massage parlours from previous bad experience except for her. She is the only one whom I would regularly go back to revisit.

She looks just like as her pictures and video that is posted. Nowadays she will offer you a drink as you enter the room. She will often be dressed in sexy outfits and stockings.

If you have not tried her before, set your expectations neutral because she is going to drive your experience through the roof with her attitude. She does not feel commercial and like other FRs, she will tease you to the maximum and is very patient with you even if you take longer than usual. She can accommodate different positions and does not complain at all.

She is highly recommended for both regulars and newbies alike.

2022-09-21 18:44老汉 Says:
朋友介绍我来找这个瑶瑶,说骚的像妖精. 我看了价格还行就去试了一下,不试不知道,一试吓一跳. 这货居然自来熟,直接把我拉进房间然后像对待男盆友那样直接扑倒在床上,然后突如其来一阵舌吻,挖槽,直接刷新我对“服务”两字的观念. 之后拉着我去洗白白,还不忘来个水中萧,挖槽,非常考验耐力,生怕直接缴枪,. 我立马阻止她继续她然后进入主题.她看我一柱擎天、就直接跳上来“牛仔式”,一下慢一下快,挖槽刺激的一批,然后各种花式啪啪法,都不知道她小小的身板那里来的力气. 我看她没打算停的意思就立马阻止她,然后直接来个老汉推车,稳稳的结束这个刺激的路程. 很久没有这么爽过了,下次会约2小时接着挑战.
2022-09-19 23:11小不点 Says:
晚了几年时间,我今天看见何瑶瑶上线在酒店,我就马上发信息下去约了他!我今天见到何瑶瑶本人好开心,瑶瑶本人和照片一样好看,何瑶瑶今天穿着一个黑色的内衣裙+黑色袜来欢迎我,他还给我倒了饮料(有心了), 后面带我去洗澡调情和给小服务,瑶瑶的口交厉害(有很多不同的花样),他的下面也剃得干干净净,奶头的颜色好看,何瑶瑶服务做的好,也很humble的一位女生,我其他的不多说了!
2022-09-19 22:49joseph Says:
The most hardworking lady i have ever encountered. Im the type that usually takes very long to cum and so i booked her for 2 hours. Process is more important than the ending for me. Told her i wanted to be raped by her , playing the submissive role and letting her have control. she did all the stuffs that you see on JAV, teasing me non stop with long bouts of bbbj in between. Licked me all over, teased me with her long slim legs and awesome ass. She has all the styles and techniques, even for 2 hours i didnt feel bored at any moment. Really felt like shooting JAV in person with her. Pics are real, she has undergone plastic surgery but you will definitely love everything she has to offer with her body , skills, and attitude
2022-09-19 10:56LEGO Says:
this horny lass is back in action! Now located in hotel.

She greets me in sexy costume lol. Now so high level alr.

So much better than before (MP)

Finally enjoyed some quality bbbj and fj job

Bbbj was so fast and furious, and I have to mouth fk her to keep up the momentum lol.

Fj job was lagi shiok, changed multiple position and ends with cow girl. Shiok sia.

RTF is a must. 10/10.
2022-09-19 02:25rabbit Says:
2020-03-07 14:27Martell Says:
2020年 口交女王 瑶瑶~ 哈哈.超会口,花式口交,还会深喉,看着她边吸边流口水的样子,像极了在A片里才有的情节,啪啪时的淫叫声非常撩人,跟她说要射了还一直阻止我叫我忍住 说她还要. 射了后还自己继续在那扭动着 骚得一塌糊涂. 好评推荐。
2020-03-06 02:35Doggy Says:
Tried her, looks ok. We started kissing and I move my hands inside her. Finger her till she is moist. I ask her to lay down and fuck her.. deed done washed up And left. Tks for the service Yao Yao
2020-03-05 01:53Subaruts Says:
Tried YaoYao just now . Boy she is good . Very high GFE and she is wild those with weak hart take note . Looks 8.5 . Go try yourself and experience . Worth the price
2020-02-24 21:10一叶知秋 Says:
RTF after rounds of bush beating. She has become so much prettier compared to the last visit. I was turned on the moment I saw her. As usual, she didn’t wear any bra and panty her Nipple was as perky as usual, and I could see her pussy lips through her short skirts. Without wasting any time, we went in and had another round of kungfu fighting. I must say her skills have improved so much and i have to surrender earlier than expected. Had already asked for a rematch. Shiok shiok satay.
2020-02-21 00:37Ah Kai Says:
娇小玲珑的可爱小骚骚 逼逼粉嫩粉嫩的 身才比例无可挑剔 没有一丝肥肉 前戏十足,口到我差点喷了,非常赞,啪啪也非常酥服,逼逼紧,咋样啪啪都爽的一批,满分我给99分, 一分扣在地点,如果是酒店就100分无误了. 虽然不喜欢按摩院,但是这个非常值得回头.已经预约下一次了
2020-02-15 01:33Xavier W Says:
Pretty syt lass with petite body. Service was awesome and accommodating. Will a second fuck
2020-02-10 22:50哒叔 Says:
找了瑶瑶后 几乎都不想找其他人了 服务态度真的非常棒 不挑客 服务依旧那么好 以后就只找你了
2020-02-09 22:19myv Says:
can posted video?
2020-02-08 12:04九王爷 Says:
看了这么多好评 便决定去试一下 最多转身走人。一到店里,便看见她坐在柜台等着我,一个看似22-23岁的小女孩,心想这趟没白跑了,立马付了钟费便进去体验一下各位狼友的好评。里面环境还算不错,不会很小,洗洗澡后,她便开始边宽衣边和我聊天,零违和感。哈哈。看着她赤裸裸的酮体、我的弟弟立马站了起来。哈哈哈。她看见后便很自觉的过来各种抚摸各种调戏,用她那灵巧的舌头挑逗着我的弟弟,口技贼棒。瑶瑶非常勤劳,舔好久,还需要我说她 她才停下,不然就要提早缴枪了。之后她便给我弟弟戴上帽子,然后很乖巧的骑了上来。各种摇晃,加上下动作,让我非常有感觉,之后还换了好几种姿势才把满满的龙种射了出来。她看来还有些时间便和我聊天,像朋友一样。总体验我给她满分。如果是在酒店就更棒了。一定会再回头.
2020-02-08 03:43Smallboy Says:
Very hardworking young lady with gorgeous body figure. She is the super friendly and cheerful type. The full service is a must try. A lot of foreplay and tongue actions, she can suck for very long if you don’t ask her to stop, the fck Job was awesome too, her moans are so natural and real. Did Managed to get her cummed and we both hits the climates. Rtf is a must.
2020-02-07 23:16fwu Says:
For 200, does her FJ include any of the following:

8:Boobs Gliding♥性感胸推
9:Lick Nipples♥舔奶头
11:Boobs Fuck♥乳交
12:Butt Gliding♥性感臀推
2020-02-08 21:16一叶 Says:
1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 , i tried these ahahaha
2020-02-07 00:32Sdg Says:
No video?
2020-02-06 08:14no no Says:
wow price increase for FJ already
2020-02-05 23:48大屌毛 Says:
Shiok ttm. One of the best girl from MP. No horse run.
2020-02-04 09:12大蓝鸟 Says:
She was wearing a spaghetti top and pant yesterday.I have opted for foreplay with clothes on, she was easy going and accommodating. HJ was very skillful, came in no time. Body massage was great as well, not the piano type. Will rtm
2019-12-20 08:14一叶 Says:
2020-02-08 03:37一叶 Says:
2020-02-03 00:05vvv Says:
4次? 哪来的视频
2019-12-09 17:45一叶知秋 Says:
皮肤 滑嫩
2020-02-04 09:09John Says:
FR for Yao Yao

95% look likes the posted pics. Really young looking and petite in size. Hourglass figure with sexy lips.
I swear she is damn horny, loves to tease you with slutty bbbj and nonstop tongue lickings over your body. She was very hardworking and it is such a great pleasure to have a cute little girl servicing you after a long day. FJ was amazing as well. She really knows how to ride a man’s dick, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, and with some aerobics action in it. All you left is to fonder with her vulnerable juicy titties and sucking it. It was such an memorable experience and I surrendered my soldiers after her sudden change of tempo from medium to fast mode. It was quite awkward as I can last longer usually. Nonetheless, I went to shower and she gives me a normal neck massage before ending the session.
Overall I am very contented with her services and look, will definitely rtf to try the remaining styles. Highly recommended.
2019-12-14 19:42표절 Says:
2019-12-08 20:25Uncle leong Says:
Massage not bad

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